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Hi my name is Linda Aben. Im now 4e years old. Im a Michael Jackson and Jackson 5  fan since I was only five years old. I became a fan of Michael Jackson because I’ve heard the song “Ben” by a Young Michael Jackson on the radio. 

You can easily say that i’m a die hard Jackson fan. Prior to the website I had a website called "Jackson Paradise" and I used to call myself "Foreverfan" on forums when I wasin my teens.

I am also a fan of the 3T’s and i watched them preform in Ahoy Rotterdam during the Brotherhood tour, I also watched them preform during Back2the90’s in Ahoy Rotterdam. I  met 3T during a signing session of the Album Identity. They signed my Identity album. While signing the album my album got switched with the album from a fan from Belgium that wanted to have the Dutch version of the album.

If Austin Brown would preform in the Netherlands i certainly would be there too, because he has a great voice that reminds me of the voice of Michael Jackson a lot and i would certainly buy an album if he would release an album on cd.

So you can say i’m a fan of the Jacksons not just Michael but the Jacksons (Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon, Tito), 3T, Austin Brown. All the Jacksons are very talented singers.

In 2009 i went to London i promoted a English ticket organization on my website and i return they would give me two tickets for Michael Jackson’s This Is It. Unfortunately Michael Jackson died before the show ever became a fact. 

This show would have been the First Michael Jackson concert for me, i never ever have seen him preform live now. I did go to London and I went to the O2 multiple times. I also signed the wall that the O2 put there in memory of Michael Jackson.

In 2012 I met the Jacksons during a meet and Greet in Ahoy Rotterdam. This meet and Greet was organized by Stichting Little Dreams. Marie José Hearkens had the wish to meet the Jacksons and she could also take another fan with her.

 I once helped Marie José by creating a  free Joomla website for her for free and I told her how to maintain a Joomla website. We kept in contact ever since. That is why she took  me to meet and Greet. I heard that on the same day as the meet and Greet was so that was very exciting… I will never forget the day that I met the Jackson’s and I have my meet and Greet Photo on a Canvas in my bedroom. I also received a signature from Tito Jackson during the meet and Greet … and many hugs from the Jacksons!

I went to the Jackson’s multiple times: In 2012 I went to Ahoy Rotterdam during the Night of the Proms (2x, once with meet and Greet the next day just for the show), the Heineken Music Hall (7 March 2013) and Paradiso (2014)”.

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