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TJ: ”This is really cool. It is always fun going to carwashes. And I like how they do it nowadays with all the colors.

It’s our first day in Omaha Nebraska and we are going to an Ice Cream place called Mixins.”

TJ: “Rio”

Rio: “It’s so cool.”

Frances: “Wow. Come sit buddy”

TJ: “How is it?”

Dee Dee “It’s good.”

TJ: “How is it?”

Rio: “Very very good.”

Frances: “TJ?”

TJ: “What”

Frances: “This is delicious.”

Frances: “ Can I have this vanila wafer?”

Dee Dee “I guess”

Jo Jo : “Do you want the ice cream”

TJ: “ You don’t want it?”

Jo Jo: “My stomach is starting to hurt so i know I should stop. I don’t want it but I should.”

TJ: “We are in an ice cream – rolled up icream place called Mixin’s in Omaha Nebraska. Who knew this place would be so good. We all love this ice cream. It is very good.”

TJ: “Mixins was fantastic. It was really good and now we are just walking in downtown Omaha. Enjoying a different city a different vibe. When I think of Omaha I think of one person actually. I think of mr Warren Buffett.

He was a huge mentor for myself growing up and he still is because he is one of the world’s richest people in the world. But he lives very simple. Warren i came to your area. I’m going to check out your house. Yes I know. I’m not a stalker. I commend you for being worth how much you are still living so simple”.