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Does She Get Jealous Of My Fans - Live Q&A

TJ: “Allright we are live todays date is Wednesday August 17th 2022. TJ Jackson here with my wife Frances Jackson.”

Frances Jackson: “Hello guys.”

TJ: “And we are coming at you for another Q and A where we can connect with our family rulers all of you out there who are enjoying our channel. Our content. We want to thank you for joining us . Yes we are a little bit late but we are here today . How is everyone doing today? I see Christnell says happy Wednesday.”

Frances Jackson: “Happy  Wednesday Christnell.”

TJ: “There we go now we are back. I have to fix that on my computer but Frances as in Wednesday its’the right day to do these live broadcast.”

Frances Jackson: “I think so it’s midweek. Little pick me up for everyone .”

TJ: “You guys liking Wednesdays? Do you guys prefer another day. I think Wednesday.”

Frances Jackson: “I like Wednesdays .”

TJ: “Okay cool. So I see a lot of people here Belén is here. Michael Jackson fan. Clarice. Caleb with another different Avatar. That’s what we call those things right.”

Frances Jackson: “Yeah. Hey Georgina”

TJ: “I like that one Caleb. Georgina is here. Lena is here, Veronica is here. Felipa is here.  Zanea is here with the finally. Andrea is here, Yes did I schedule this the wrong time? Okay well anyway. We are doing a Q&A and before we get into our traditional

Frances Jackson: “We try to plug it back in.”

TJ: “No no it’s plugged in.”

Frances: “Are you sure?”

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Domestic Violence: Is It Ever Forgivable? Should I Leave?


TJ: “Today’s live is the most important live stream we have done here as it covers domestic violence. In this live we will cover a variety of topics when it comes to domestic violence but please note we are not licensed. There are therapists, doctors or any type of professional nevertheless we are humans and want to do our part in helping those that may need help and that is the purpose of this Life.

So for our family rulers who are used to seeing us live It will still be the same type of vibe where it will be an open discussion. There may be some laughs. There may be some sad parts, There may be a bunch of stuff but we are going to keep the focus on domestic violence and again the whole purpose of this is to help those who may be struggling with who may be suffering from it who may need to do something  about it.

So first my name is TJ Jackson and that is my wife that is my this is my wife. When do you say that versus this. This is my wife. Why did I say that .”

Frances: “I don’t know.”

TJ: “Domestic violence this is a technical term. Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive controlling behaviour that can include physical abuse emotional or psychological abuse, sexual abuse or financial abuse. Which is using money and financial tools to exert control. Some abusers are able to exert complete control over victims. Every action without ever using violence or I’m only using subtle threats of violence.

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Live from italy

TJ: “All right we are live from Italy from Napoli Naples Italy so good to see you guys. We miss you guys. It may be a little louder than normal that’s because we are in a restaurant. Yes we decided to go live from a restaurant. We apologize if the connection isn’t what we are used to”.

Frances:” The connection upstairs wasn’t so great so we decided to change it.”

TJ: “There you go so but anyways TJ and Frances with a different type of live we are on a different time schedule. It’s been a while since we’ve connected with you guys but we missed you tremendously.”

Frances:”But we missed you guys.”

TJ: “And so we are going to be ordering food you’ll probable be watching what we are eating.”

Frances:”A bit wine of course.”

TJ:”You are going to get some wine Frances?”

Frances:”I definetely am gonna get some wine”

TJ:”But yeah we just wanted to check in because we miss you guys and we know it’s been some time so e hope you guys keep deal with the noise in the background but it’s truly an italian restaurant. And Italian vibe so. All right so we have some super chats already.”

Frances:”Already??  Foofy in the house”

TJ:”And Franny a pleasure to finally meet both of you. This is Balmy. Balmy it was so good to meet you too. The whole family even papa TJ  in croissaint land got to meet my friends. Thanks for making my first ever  concert memorable. I love you that is so cool.”

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