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Growing Up In The Iconic Jackson Family & Focus ON Craft vs. Scoreboard —

“Tell me about Austin pre-pandemic and Autin now?”

Austin: “Austin pre-pandemic felt like i always consistently did not have enough time I always trying to figure out something next to do and what is going to happen next if you know. Pre-pandemic we were in the middle of producing a couple of records. My partner Brian Londen and I on the production end so at that time we were in the middle of producing.

We just finished up a tour with Ashley and Evan and we had just been producing a few new artists here and there and i had wrapped up working at the Macy Gray

project so that was like a lot of 2018 2019 was just going going going.

And also doing different shows and Canyon sessions and all that and we had just started producing Raven Simone and a couple of records for her next e pand we were set to go on the road and pandemic hit and stopped everything”