Let me get this party started because i’m trying to keep this. I went back and looked at the times of some of my past pot or live streams and they were pretty long so i’m trying to keep this one down and do my best in that way. So I hope everyone is doing well in 2022 and no I’m not in Sherman Oaks anymore.

I live close to Sherman Oaks I wasnt sure. I was in Woodland hills previously but let’s get this party started. 

Let’s see I do see you guy’s comments as well which is great so i get to comment on things if they don’t go by too fast in that way.

Okay let’s start. So i started my 2022 with Covid and family and I tested positive for Covid which was an interesting chapter in our lives. Luckily we didn’t have the symptoms too bad in that way but it was something that we have been super catious about.

We are all vaccinated in my immediate family and it’s just it was an interesting turn of events   because it kind of felt like a bigger version of the flu at least for me it did but i had heard from other people that had Covid that you know one person described as they got felt like they got hit by a truck and other things in that nature didn’t feel that luckily.

It’s hard with two young daughters because you don’t know what they are feeling in that way. Taylor is not as expressive when we tell her ask her what is wrong she doesn’t really communicate in that way and obviously Toria being under a year old can’t even talk in that way so it was.

That was the scary part about it because Taylor threw up at one point you know at night time and so then we had to sleep with her and just kind of regulate her in her temperature and all that stuff so that was how I started off my new year in that way.

Now saying that I’ve always believe in energy and that and stuff like that and it didn’t get in my it didn’t ruin my 2022 or my start of 2022. And then when we finally quarantined and was able to leave and go somewhere I noticed that my car was keyed and both sides of the car was keyed.

And that surprinsly didn’t affect my mood either in that way.

I don’t know what it is I’m feeling really good about 2022. I’m super excited about it. We’ve gone through a crappy 2021. I have a great outlook of 2022 so for me I don’t think there’s. It’s going to take a lot more just to crap on my 2022 than what’s been going on.

But to say all of that one of the things I wanted. I’m just going to go through some topics  with you guys. I’m checking the comments as I’m going so I’m seeing you guys in that way. But I just want to let you know. So that was kind of I’ve been kind of m.i.a..

i’ve purposely stayed off social media at times just because I’ve been more watching than engaging in that way. Sometimes you learn  more from watching and compiling information than you do by sprouting information or through the sword yeah so that’s what i was doing but I was never off of social media.

Mental health. You know we talked about this a lot you know Tj and I on our foundation for the DDJF Foundation which we have a podcast every Wednesday  and we talk about that aspect of mental health but one of the things that was very interesting to me was that that there is a mental health that goes along with being. I don’t even want to just say a Jackson fan but a Michael Jackson’s fan in particular.

We don’t even really realize it but it’s tiring and I say tiring in a way that you kind if feel like no matter what you say there is always going to be ignorant people trying to bring him down or trying to create things about  him that  aren’t true in that way and so one of the things that i kind of observed in 2021 was a lot of my friends were struggling with mental health and michael brought so much joy to people and so much love and what is called inspiration in that way and a lot of people are struggling because that inspiration I mean his music is still here but that inspiration is not there or it’s not the same in that way and that’s very true to me as well in that.

So it’s we are fighting this war  this battle and it is draining it’s tiring but I can tell you and you know Twitter is not the world Twitter is just a bubble of the world and Twitter is also very much there’s a lot of blue check marks and a lot of press and a lot of media that try and control the narrative on Twitter. And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But in the real world I can tell you that what you guys are doing is very effective it is working. It’s getting the truth out there

And people are what is the word are not only absorbing it they are listening to it and I’ve seen people from that have turned I shouldnt say changed their opinion and then they become advocates in that way and we all know people like that but  i feel like once people learn the truth they end up spreading it to other people in that way. And I know you guys feel the same way. An dit might not be as fast or fast enough for certain people but it is one of those things that i twill take time in that way untill something like the docu-series or something effective like that comes out to the point where it changes the narrative completely.

Okay yes let me go back to my I will make a topic right now because I didn’t have it prepared. I see a a lot of people asking about it so let’s talk about it. And that is if i can bring it up because that was the tape, the baby talk tape that I released yesterday in that way and give me a second. I’m gonna grab it real quick hold on. I’m not gonna play it right now but i’m gonna grab it. So hold on now.

One sec. okay so  I have a lot of tapes a lot of videotapes a lot of mini dvds high eights that I have to go through but and a lot of audio cassettes and stuff like that but this was the tape that I talked about in that way and played about a minute or a half of you guys and I can’t tell you how much that lifted my spirits as well just because you hear Michael in his purest form of how loving he is to kids and to me particular in this incident but he was always like that and if i did the math and I think he was around 17 years old because he’s 15 years or was 15 years older than I was. And if I’m saying that I’m two years old  and I was born in 1973 so i was just doing mat hand I think it’s 17 that he would have been.

But you can just see the love and care that he had in that way and it’s in it’s purest form and i what I love about the tape is it kind of when I heard it I was like this is the kind of stuff that people need to know about Michael. Because people hear about how much he cares about kids and this and that but when you hear it and you see the innocense if it it changes in that way.

There is a lot of other stuff like that that i’m looking forward to bringing out with the series because that was what I was talking about when I was saying  about humanizing Michael Jackson.

And that was a prime example that doesn’t mean the series won’t cover the things that the media tried to say or do in that way or the other or the extortion attemps and all that stuff.

It will cover that and it will debunk those things but we also really have to humanize Michael because I read a lot of the comments that you guys had and it was the same comment that I had in my  heart it was basicly was you miss the guy so much and you miss him in the world because the world needs him and they need someone like a Michael Jackson and we don’t have that right now.

And I think that is why the world is so skeptical and so dark in a way. Is because there is no Michael Jackson and there is no one to uplift us there’s no one to make us feel better about ourselves but also feel better about helping others.

It’s such a me me me world where you don’t want to help the fellow person you want to get ahead and that is rewarded in some way and that kind of is one of the reasons why I took a little break from twitter in terms of posting because when all i saw is that we were rewarding the people that a have the most money in their bank account or b is it b basicly just the most followers and those things don’t equate to a good human being.

It just equates to getting money or getting followers and so I think being a good human being is helping eachother out and having empathy and compassion and sympathy and this whole live stream is not going tobe a soap opera box. That is kind of the stuff that for 2022 i just wanted to get off my chest because we all a lot of Michael Jackson fans and Jackson fans we have that empathy we have that sympathy in our hearts and it’s frustrating because i don’t think one the world can’t connect some people can’t connect I shouldn’t say the world because the majority of the world can but some people can’t connect with Michael Jackson because they don’t have that in their heart and someone said it best on Twitter.

Michael Jackson is like a mirror. You see what you want to see if you don’t have that light or that empathy or sympathy then you won’t see it in him but if you do have that you will see that in him so where am I at.

But yes one day I son’t know what the part of it will be used in the series or if it will or notbut I will release the whole six minutes one time at one point. There is some funny other stuff in there but for now I just wanted to give you guys that because I know I needed it in 2022 just to start it off it was hidden gem and I was like I was hoping that you guys would appreciate it too and know from the comments you guys did and that’s why I did it so".