You can go to downtown area which is broadway but I'm trying not to go that route because there's pizza over there and i'm trying to avoid the pizza.

Maybe I'll go to all these places. Maybe we just go out on the night out with the Pocket 2 me and you”.

 “All right, all right. I do not have the wide angle lens applied. I want you guys to see what this pocket two looks like in the night. Wide angle lens is now installed and applied . Let me take it off. It's removed. And now it's applied. Yeah we are on the pocket two. Beautiful night, weather is great not to cold not to warm. Just figure we take the pocket 2 out for a little stroll. See what it is like in the night time. I'm normally here in the daytime doing these kind of things i figured why not take you guys for a little nighttime walk.

Sorry I feel like i'm always taking you guys out when I want to eat something but I want to eat something healthy. If i go towards downtown area i'm going to get a pizza at Slim &Husky's. I'm going to have the cinnamon roll pizza and soda. It's just going to happen. So we're avoiding that . Maybe we walk that way after i eat something healthy. I'm thinking maybe like the W Hotel get something healthy. 

Oh here we go. It's not as windy as it was before but i do feel a little breeze it's not super windy. I don't know if it is messing up the audio but I do have this which is a microphone that comes it''s a wireless microphone that comes with the dji pocket 2 if you get the content bundle or the creator bundle. I don't know which one it's called. Maybe it's the creator bundle.

We are going to try this mic. We are using the audio right now just from the camera but we are going to switch to this and see if it makes a difference and what it sounds like. Here we go.

All right, wind is picking up actually. Don't know what it sounds like but we are using this microphone here and i don't know what it sounds like. Does it sound any better? Does it sound any different? Does it sound terible? We are just walking and talking on the Pocket Two. This is great you guys. After using the Zv1 and doing a walking and talking type of log that thing gets heavy after a while. Nothing will beat this. This is just light, it's easy. It's a wide angle, makes it great. It's just simple. And the quality is great it's fun. You can do a lot of things with it. I'm wondering how this sounds. I hope it sounds pretty decent. I'm going try to get some b-roll get some shots and we'll tie it all together. Make a quick little video here. Testing out with this mic that is what we are gonna do. Let's go to it.

Using my mic still. Still on the audio external mic working pretty well. I like it. I hope it sounds good.

But another thing that is great about his bundle is it comes with a couple of things that are really. Oops i forget i was using this mic. I think you can still hear me. I do not know how far back i can go. But you should still be able to hear me just fine. I don't know maybe this is like 30 40 50 feet.

Big difference between the three of those but i would guess i'm about 30 steps. Let's see. One two, three. I'm about 20 feet away, maybe longer because those are bigger steps that would probable been 40. I don't do this often as you can tell.

Another thing you can do you can put the camera to track me. I don't know why i'm showing you this because i don't even know how to do it but you basicly somehow put it on like a tracking thing. You can do it. trust me. You can do it I just don't know how but you can do it. It will pretty much like track you if you the let it will follow you like there is someone operating the camera.

I should probable try to figure that out and show you guys shouldn't I. Let me see hold on. Oke all right so it wasn't as hard as I thought it's tracking my face right now so i see if i go over here. See how its like moving. See it's not bad, it's pretty cool. So like if i'm talk oh. Sorry i'm over here.

It's gotta attract me again. Let me see. What does this look like. I don't know. But yeah you are just walking and it is tracking you but that is kind of cool feature. I don't use it there you go. Use it if you like.

It's not super windy like it was last week but there is a little bit of breeze. I think this coming into handy i don't know what it is sounding like. I hope it is recording audio. If now whatever. Now well if it is not that is not gonna be good. Not whatever. I'm about to walk into this W Hotel and I'll catch up with you guys later”

“And that is what i was before. So we are just leaving the W. Back to the streets of Nashville. We got the face tracking still on . There is no tracking my face. Not doing a good job just tracking all over the place but i'm over here buddy. All right there we go, we turned it off. Just leaving the W hotel. It was healthy but it din't do the job. I just had like some veggie plate with hummus or something. I don't even care for hummus that much but it was healthy.

I'm gonna hopefully still avoid the pizza we are going to walk towards downtown. Get some more shots of the nightlife. Just to see what it looks like when we take this camera out at night. And we get some shots still beautiful day a little windy maybe we should put that let's go back to that other mic because i'm not on i'm gonna switch right now back to the wireless mic. See if makes a difference. See what the audio is doing, We are going to switch in three two one. There we go. We are walking arms are fine, not tired at all because we are on the Pocket Two see. Got there. All right just as a quick test. I want to see what do you guys think of the audio? Do you like it? Because right now you are not listening to this. This is completely turned off.I fooled you i'm just holding it up, You are listening to the audio from the actual camera. Can you guys hear a difference? Is it obvious? I'll switch it to this wireless external microphone that comes with the Pocket Two bundle. If you get it, which i recommend.

I don't know what you guys think which one is better? Which one is more clear? It's not windy, it's not to bad there is a breeze but nothing like last week. It was really windy. Even then i don't think this would have done anything that was really windy. That was extremely windy but in these situations when there is a little blowing of the wind like there is now. I wonder if this does the job.

And i keep forgetting i'm on this mic so yes this is uh. This is pretty much the spot i always come to when i come here. I don't why. It is just it is just quiet over here. You are not in the action. You are kind of far away from it. Close to it but far away you got the Bridgestone arena right there and that pizza place i was talking about is up in that area. Maybe i will walk over towards it. Why not .

You are gonna be hearing a lot of music so we will probable end up with the audio being turned off. Just get a a couple of b-roll shots and the we call it a day. I'm back on the mic from the Pocket two but we are going in where are we. We are fifth and Broadway. Getting a phonecall. Its Dave Stewart. Dave told me to go and get the pizza. Just so you know. What's up Stew? Standing at the pizza place. Yes i am but i'm not getting it. I'm not getting it”