Rio: “can I put a giant fort in here and?

TJ: “Okay, okay so he built a giant fort and later on”.

Rio: “Actually it’s a castle”

TJ: “Oh its a castle oke, later one we will do a quick little tour of Rio’s fort but thats at the end so make sure to stick with us for the end to see Rio’s quick tour  oke yeah. You wanna tell me something? Go ahead.

Rio: “..”

TJ: “I’ll be honest  I didn’t really get what was said but it’s okay. Now later on you are going to show a tour. Oke Rio?”

Rio:”Should I tell them”

TJ: “Later,  no no Later”

Rio:”Yeah, yeah i shouldn’t because they are going to do it.”

TJ: “Exactly. Oh Rio Jackson I love you man. Okay so today’’s day is Wednesday march 30th and we are live. Welcome to our youtube Channel. For anyone who’s new who just recently subscribed this is TJ Jackson here and this is my youngest son Rio Jackson. Rio how old are you now?”


TJ: “He’s seven years old. He just turned seven. And he is into minecraft. What else are you into?”

Rio:”I’m Roblox”

TJ: “Roblox and what else?”

Rio:”Uh and buildings?

TJ: “He loves the buildings”

Rio:”And monuments.”

TJ: “And monuments. Okay so anyways  Another big thing I want to talk about before we are doing some questions and answers and eventually Rio’s tour of his fort. I have to talk about this Chris Rock Will Smith situation. Now people. I. You guys know me. I ”

Rio: “I know what happened”

TJ: “Okay you know what happened?

Rio: “Can I tell them?”

TJ: “Sure tell everyone what happened.”

Rio: “So wait was it Chris rock that did the joke or

TJ: “Chris Rock did the joke”

Rio: “So Chris. Wait he was the person that’s swapping the face”

TJ: “That was Will Smith my question is how do you go ahead you could tell the story.”

Rio: “So Chris Rock told a joke about Will Smith’s wife and he then Will Smith swapped Chris Rock in the face.”

TJ: “What did you think about, first of all how did you know that how do you know that happened?”

Rio: “Because I was there with nana I saw it”.

TJ: “Oh you saw it.”

Rio: “And plus I was in there when mum was talking about it so”

TJ: “What did you think about that?”

Rio: “I don’t think that’s okay. I think he should get arrested.”

TJ: “Okay Rio has a phylis he should get arrested I have my point of view and I have something that may shock people a bit and Frances has a point of view but ladies and gentlemen you guys know we don’t those kind of conversations in these forms we do it for our members so yes members we are doing a special live on Sunday where we’re not this guy but me and Frances are going to dive in and give our true assessment and feelings towards the whole situation and i’m not going to hold back which way. I think my position may shock some of you but i’m going to speak from the heart speak truly and give my point of view. So if you haven’t done so that is your warning. Become a member a Queen or Knight either membership will be able to watch this live and i think it’s gonna be a cool live.

Again it’s the Family Rules Youtube membership. You can click join button next to subscribe to join and that will be on Sunday. Probable after our vlog where we talk about the vlog but I have a feeling but i have a feeling the conversation is going be mostly on the Crisk rock Will Smith and yeah i know we probable heard of it is it’s happened two days ago it’s time to move on.

Yes and no because the oscars at the academy is actually going to release their punishment or lack of punishment who knows what is going to happen and that is going to be another talking point so i’m excited to dive in and see what you guys think as well. And not just the public but those who watch and are subscribed our members I want to know what you guys think so be prepared come with your opinions and we are going to talk about it. All right that’s the intro for todays Q&A. Rio is all over the place but it’s okay excuses here mommy is not  here which is why there is a hair issue. Which is why the fort is like that.

Mommy went with Jojo to a doctor’s appointment. So that’s what gonna happen. Let’s do this Q &A.

Brian says wait how am i not a member? Brian I don’t know, come back be a member and then we’ll see you there man. All right yes”

Rio:”Can I show them the minecraft 1.19 goat horn it sounds horrifying.”

TJ:”Okay, in a bit in a bit”

TJ: “A says I can’t find the join button. I think A. And you guys can correct me if i’m wrong I think you have to be on a desktop to do the join for the membership if you login to youtube from the desktop and you are subscribed that subscribe button would turn into a join button where you can just join okay. Or it’s next to the button where you subscribe you’ll see. It’s a big red button just like the subscribed it’s right there and then it’ll break down the different memberships. So thanks for asking that question in case anyone else couldn’t find it. But now you guys know.”

TJ:”Rio, oh this boy is so excited why are you so excited? What is all the excitement for?”


TJ:”Rio loves to be live so maybe that’s part of the excitement. All right lets get into some of these questions. First we have Sanaajo with the super chat who says i’m loving this q&a already. I love you to already. And let me remind everybody to get the membership. Looking at Sanaajo doing what Sanaajo thinks. Thank yo uso much Sanaajo for the superchat and of course for always supporting us.