“I’ve covered the Pocket 2, I’ve covered the ZV1.  Which camera I am on right now? Neither. I am on my phone. It’s an old phone. I haven’t upgraded yet. We are on a 13 and i’m still rocking the Xs. I’ll get a new one soon. This works fine, don’t use it. I make phone calls I check the internet. Check the e-mails, social media. It does the job. Quality of the picture is probable not the greatest but don’t really use it for that. You always have it with you. It’s always on you. It’s not raining anymore so. Take that off. You can use it. Music vlog. Chop it up. Use it when you are in a pinch like this, I can’t bring my camera. You can bring your phone. You always got your phone on. And you can make a video and it’ll be allright. I’m sure a lot of you guys didn’t really notice and  a lot of you guys probable don’t even care, This is not bad. Its light, it’s not as good as the pocket 2. The quality is not as good I can see that already. I’ll get some shots I’ll try to get some b-roll and not to show off this camera. Because who cares. It’s not about the quality I think it’s more important the content not that i’m talking about much here but. I’m not out of breath. So if you are in a jam like this capture the moment. Something is better that nothing. You can still make it work.”

“I’m pretty much here at Bridgestone Arena right here. It’s right here, i’m here. An dit didn’t take me long at all. I was going uphill. I’m noticing like it’s a little sneaky over here. You feel like you are not going uphill but you are and that’s why i’m out of breath you guys. It’s always an incline. I could always get on one of those. I choose to walk. I never been to  a concert by myself but we are going to do it tonight. We’ll have fun.”

“Heading back i’m just leaving the concert. Great show. It was a lot of fun. I was by myself  but you know I enjoyed it. I used the Iphone the whole time. I made a video out of it. Hopefully. Yeah that was pretty much it. Don’t have an Iphone 13 but I hear it’s really good but this does the job”.