TJ: "Yes still coughing. He is feeling better".
TJ: "So after Rio's doctor's appointment his urgent care ER visit we are getting him a toy from Target. So he did really well has bronchitis and we are getting medication Frances is already in the building at CVS getting medication and we are going to get a toy and yes we are blessed "

Frances: "Ah back to the country look at all the beatiful animals and the greenery . I'm so greatful that my kids get to experience this".
Frances: "You can ride the horses if you want. What is the donkey's name Rio?"
Frances: "Gabriel loves you".

Rio:"He is like a pet"
Frances: "He is like a pet. Hey buddy"
Rio:"Will you ride the horses mom"
Frances: "Yes. So you got to let him know when you are coming by him so he doesn't get scared and kicked if you let him know that you are coming they already know so they won't kick."
Frances: "So just stay in front of them he is following me. I'm scared. That was your first time seeing a donkey up close that is so cool. Remember the donkey and shrek and it says and then in the morning i'm making."
Frances: "Yeah, What is what you needed baby."
Rio:"This so i can tell Emily all the horsed and cows and i think oh. Try it buddy. Okay.
TJ:"Rio do you remember what his name was?"
Rio:"Um no."
TJ:"What are you doing right here Rio?"
Rio: "I think i'm talking to someone. "
TJ:"Okay what about here."
Rio: "I'm going to driva a tractor."
TJ:"With uncle Santos?"
Rio: "Yep."
TJ:"Did you like doing that?"
Rio: "Yeah."
TJ:"Was it scary."
Rio: "No"
TJ: "You look a little scared."
Rio: "I'm not. I was not."
TJ: "That is pretty cool you are smiling right now. You like watching this?"
Rio: "Yeah"
TJ: "Look at you Rio. you look like you are having so much fun."
Rio: "It really was a lot of fun."
TJ: "Bye Rio”

Rio: "Bye. Thank you uncle Santos .”

Frances "How was it?”

Rio: "Good.”

Frances "Was it fun?”

Rio: "it was very cool. Life. And wanted me to do all this siuff. So we saw a beautiful lake.”

Frances "Oh”

Rio: "And we saw two dogs.”

Frances "Okay”

Rio: "And we also saw a cobweb on way back”

Jo Jo “Now it is my turn to go on the tractor ride with uncle Santos. I love Texas because I get to do stuff that I would never do back in California. The ride wasn’t to scary at all. In fact it was a lot of fun. Where we are going. I don’t know. But it was super fun. It was definetely different than anything

I’ve ever done before. We didn’t go very fast but it was still really enjoyable for me. Gracias  dios Santos for my first ride ever on a tractor.”

TJ: “We are finally leaving Texas kids are half asleep. It is 6.20 in the morning and we are making our way to Tenessee. So I’m going throug Arkansas and then to Memphis and then Nashville but our first stop today is to Paris Texas right Rio? Are you excited?”

Rio: "Yes”

Frances:  "We are ready. “

TJ: “If you are wondering  how many pumps Buckies has because yes it is a lot of pumps. The answer is 64. As they say everything is bigger in Texas. That is for sure.

So we are just minutes away from paris Texas. Which is a place that Rio the little monster who is eating his donuts found on his Ipad.”

Frances:  “He is the one who said did you know that there is an Eiffel tower in Paris Texas. We are like what?”

TJ: “Rio are you excited?”

Frances:  “Oh I see it.”

TJ: “You see it?””

Frances:  “Yep.”

TJ: “We are at Paris Texas. We are in Paris Texas at the Eiffel tower and look he is starting to smile.”

Frances:  “That is pretty cool.”

Rio: "It is a little bit bigger than I thought it would be.”

Frances:  “Let’s get him out. Because he has to. Does he see what is at the top.”

TJ: “Is that a cowboy hat “

Frances:  “Hey you could have got this on your blog Joji. Honey did you put his shoes down here?”

TJ: “Yes they are”

Frances:  “All right.”

TJ: “Again  this is a spot that Rio found and has been wanting to go so what do you say?”

Frances:  “Look what Rio’s shirt says. And I didn’t I got that in California not even Texas.”

TJ: “Nike Texas

Look at this guy. He is so happy”.

Rio: “This is the best thing on my whole entire trip. The Texas Eiffel tower. I loved being there. It was very very fun. And that’s more than 30 feet tall. That’s pretty tall for a 6 year old. I loved being there. It was so fun. It was my favorite part of the day. Going tot he Texas Eiffel tower.

TJ: “This is awesome because he is been wanting so badly to come here and you guys know if you follow us you know how much he loves the Eiffel tower. And if you don’t follow us make sure to subscribe now and like the video but yes Rio is loving every minute being in Paris. Texas. Paris is his favorite city in the world  and for now he has the settle for Paris Texas but he is enjoying it. So it is really cool.”

Rio: “ I seen athe people that were here sleeping up the Eiffel  tower fell like this.”

TJ: “His smile is so big right now. It is super cool to see. And we were here early because we are on our drive so we are the only ones here so we are getting all this time here in Paris Texas. But if you are driving through either from Arkansas to Dallas or Arkansas to Texas or vice versa stop through Paris Texas. It is really cool spot to come see.”

Rio: “So why the cowboy hat into up there is because it is Texas.”

TJ: “Yeah the cowboy hat represents.”

Frances "And what is the red stand for dad? It is the love”

TJ: “They don’t want to wake up?”

Frances "Jo Jo?  Is the Eiffel tower. Come on my love. Seriously what time did you go to bed? “

TJ: “There are 13 stars so I think it is the 13 colonies. That was my instinct. I’m going with it.

Do you know where daddy’s favorite basketball team is from?

Oh. What city is that?”

Rio: “San Antonio”

TJ: “Yes”

Rio: “Now it says they are doing a road trip but you guys did when they do it.

Frances "The real Eiffel tower he is going to be impressed”.

TJ: “He is  is going to want to spend the whole day there.”

Frances: "Yeah and we have to go on a day where he can go tot he top because when we were there last time we couldn’t go to the top.”

TJ: “Have any of your kids ever been this into architecture like this?”

Frances "No Rio is the first. I appreciate it because he teaches us a lot.”

TJ: “Yeah that is super cool.”

Rio: “And that hat kind of looks like it is made from a cartoon. That hat looks fake.”

TJ: “You like it, don’t move the picture I want to see it. Oh  you like it.”

Rio: “That hat looks fake.”

TJ: “So also on Paris Texas is a little memorial a World War II memorial so Rio and I are walking over there to check it out.”

Rio: “This was a long time ago.”

TJ: “Yeah WW means world war the II means two. It’s world war two WW I is world war one and WW2 is WW II.”

Rio: “I told you there was statute over here.”

TJ: “This statute is to honor all dogs and handlers from all wars as they saved countless lives.

The dogs would help people survive. Pretty impressive pretty cool huh.”

Rio: “Yeah.”

Frances: "I wish I would have gotten my dad a little bench .”

TJ: “Yeah.”

TJ: “That would have been cool.”

TJ: “Which .”

Frances: "I didn’t even know this place existed.”

TJ: “Which was your father in?”

Frances: “Vietnam. He was a paratrooper, army . So do you see the helicopters on here?”

Rio: “Yes I do.”

Frances: “So your grandpa, my dad, used to jump out of those helicopters.”

Rio: “Yeah but “

Frances: “And land on the ground .”

Rio: “I can’t see him on here.”

Frances: “No I know he is not on there but those helicopters like that and the airplanes that is what my dad would jump out of and land on the ground. So he had a parachute but they would be flying but this is the war that your grandfather my dad served in.

Look these are actual pictures. These are actual pictures.”

TJ: “This has been a good day. I never expected not only Rio to enjoy it as as much as he has but seems to have really been good for Frances.”

TJ: “So Rio what did you think about your experience . Dee Dee would you move that pillow pkease?”

Rio: “It was the greatest.”

TJ: “It was the greatest experience ever?

What is cool is that we are going from a small Eiffel tower to a bigger one tot he biggest and best Eiffel tower. The real one.”

Frances: “Can I tell you what is cool?  Rio found the Eiffel tower in Vegas. He found the Eiffel tower in Vegas and showed me that there is a restaurant and that said that you and me and him can go eat there and he said mommy doesnt this food look good. We should go there and stay at that hotel. “

TJ: “That is the Eiffel tower in Vegas. All right.”