Frances: “Nope”

TJ: “Allright here I go.”

Frances: “Here you go”

TJ: “But yes if this is anyone’s first time watching this Live Q & A I don’t think there will well there gonna be some people. We do these every Wednesday at 1 p.m pacific time 11.30.

Frances: “Get it out.”

TJ: “11.30 a.m. pacific standard time on Facebook and Youtube sometimes Twitch sometimes Twitter. But yes we do this every Wednesday we try to and just to connect with our audience and to answer any questions you may have and also talk about what we have been up to. This is the first part of our summer vacation. We are starting it off in New York City. It was very important for me   to make sure the younger kids got to see New York. I think everybody especially every American should at least get a chance to see New York and experience it. It’s so different especially if you are from California. So that is what we are doing now and then of course starting next week i go to Europe”.

Frances: “Yeah and it’s a good pit stop. I think”

TJ: “We go to Europe. It’s halfway. It’s the halfway mark so the flight’s not crazy long but we go to Europe as i’m getting ready for the shows. The night to remember I think many of you already got your tickets and are coming but if you haven’t there is a link in the description  box and you can come see me do my very first solo shows as an artist.”

Frances: “Are you nervous at all?”

TJ: “Yes”

Frances: “You are?”

TJ: “Yeah.”

Frances: “Because you are not normally nervous.”

TJ: “I’m not nervous. I’m nervous for various things but I am also a big believer  everything is gonna be great, everything’s going to be fun.”

Frances: “You are an optimist.”

TJ: “I’m very optimistic and another thing is though it’s going to be what it is supposed to be. I’m big on that.”

Frances: “It’s true”

TJ: “And it’s going to be an experience for me as well for those who come so it’s going to be fun and it’s going to be intimate and i’ts gonna be . i really want to create the vibe of like a family setting. That makes  sense. So hopefully that’s what will happen. Omizzle says franny i see you are fangirling already with that sweatshirt.”

Frances: “I sure  am. I can’t wait for the new merch though. I’m gonna be rocking that too Omizzle.”

TJ: “Is there something you want to tell the people that are coming to my shows about the new merch?”

Frances: “i love it. It’s the design. It’s great. It’s new.”

TJ: “Anything you want to tell them, any advice?”

Frances: “Get the merch, get them . I’m going to be rocking in it, that is for sure.”

TJ: “Just over two. Is it already. Just two weeks. oh my  god.”

Frances: “It’s coming out.”

TJ: “ It is 16 days.”

Frances: “Very soon.”

TJ: “Anyways there is a lot of cool merch. We probably did to much stuff for merch”

Frances: “No”

TJ: “But we did a lot.”

Frances: “but that is not to much though. I get. I like the variety.

TJ: “There is a lot variety so just be prepared. That is all i’m going to say. What else do we have to say here? That is a TJ thing  what we could talk about on the family merch.

Franny are you going tos ome live streaming at all on the family rules fort he shows? Not of the shows but like being there and with the kids.”

Frances: “Wouldn’t it be really late though.”

TJ: “No because we are in New York or Europe so we are advanced.”

Frances: “I will yeah”

TJ: “Okay”

Frances: “But not the first one because I really. I  want to enjoy that. I want to be in the moment”

TJ: “Frances Leonardo Dicapro from basketball from basketball diaries aka Irina Mergodova .

Says hello family rules. I love so much Family Rules. Well we  love you too Irena”.

Frances: “Thank you”

TJ: “And yes I actually haven’t seen that one from Leo. Have you seen that movie?”

Frances: “No I have not.”

TJ: “Basketball diaries you’ve heard of it though?”

Frances: “I have not.”

TJ: “I think Mark Wahlberg is in it. It is like four guys from I think from New York “

Frances: “Boston, New York?”

TJ: “I think it’s New York.”

Frances: “Okay.Well there. He is originally from Boston.”

TJ: “Mark Walhberg is.”

Frances: “Yeah”

TJ: “Where is Leo from? “

Frances: “I don’t know it’s a good question.”

TJ: “Lailu Lay Creative says Hi TJ and Frances. What songs do you listen as a family?

When our parents and us wash the dishes we listened to ‘Last Night’, ‘I Don’t Deserve This’ 

And ‘A Night to Remember.’ We all love those songs a lot. I love you.”

Frances: “That is so sweet.  When I’m cleaning it is definitely Spanish music but I  have been listening a lot to  some of your songs that have not come out yet, that I love”

TJ: “Yeah she has been listening that. Frances has been listening to a lot of my music that has not been released yet. Just actually this morning when she was getting ready I got back from the gym and she was listening to a song that hasn’t been released and she was listening tot it in a way where it felt like you listened to this  a lot as a casual  listener so i’m excited to share that project with you guys.”

Frances: “it’s great, it’s got a lot of good songs.”

TJ: “I think a lot of people are going to listen tot as casual things while they are doing things .”

Frances: “It’s great. Yeah”

TJ: “Cool. Carrie has a question Frances. Hi TJ  and Frances what are some of your favorite hidden gems in New York? Thanks for your dedication tot his lives.Love you.  We love you too”.

Frances: “Love you too Carrie.”

TJ: “What do you think Franny what’s something I mean”

Frances: “Hidden gems like are we talking food or .”

TJ: “Just give it all whatever. We went to Shake shack last night. That was the first thing we did.”

Frances: “That was good.”

TJ: “The kids wanted to do it and it was good. As far as hidden gems I think the World Trade Center.”

Frances: “That is what I was gonna say.”

TJ: “The World Trade one and the memorial they did. As well as”

Frances: “Its’beautiful”

TJ: “Even the statue of liberty.”

Frances: “That was my first time actually taking the boat right there which it was to me it was mesmerizing to be so close to that was cool.”

TJ: “The statue of liberty”.

Frances: “Yeah the statue of liberty.”

TJ: “That was my second time at least i remember being on the statue of liberty island and it is something that especially if you have kids and you are in New York you should definitely try to do it. it is very cool statue . How it came about. Why it is  exactly the way it is are all really cool things that at the little island. The do a good job of presenting it and with a couple of different museums so yeah.  It is a cool little three-hour thing to do with the family and kids. What else do we have? But I’m trying to think what else. The pizza is obviously good”.

Frances:”We just have pizza too, that was delicious “.

TJ: “We seem to always do empire state building at some point. We don’t do Central Park as much. Why not?”

Frances:”I mean I have been there with you. I love it. i remember going running there with you once that was fun”

TJ:”There is a lot of stuff to do and also the big bus tour. I know that is like such a touristy thing.”

Frances:”Yeah but I think you get a real sense and feel of the city it self. And then you get to hear all the history. That is what i like about that.”

TJ:”Yeah  the big bus tour.”


TJ:”So Rachel says this is my third time welcome.”

Frances:”Welcome Rachel.”

TJ: “Valerie with the superchat says TJ i made  a video of me doing I need you in sign language. That is cool.” 

Frances:”That is really cool thank you for the super chat.”

TJ: “I would love to see that video. Maybe we can. One we locate.”

Frances:”Maybe send it to him that is cool.”

TJ :”Yeah we can put it in the description box”.

Frances:”i’d like to see that.”

TJ :”If it is on Youtube that is cool.”