Frances: “Go back okay.”She is tipping me under the table. There is one thing I love about Franny. She is tipping me under the table trying to tell me someting but i’m not a mind reader so i do not know what you are tipping me for.”

Frances: “You should know .”

TJ: “Okay. Letty says happy birthday Frances. Now in Spanish. Muchas Feliciades Frances Que Dios muchas salud y bendiciones y que la pases muy pero muy bonito co toda tu la familia. Love you guys”
“Thank you Letty.”

TJ: “I hope I was okay with the Spanisch as well. And then we have a sweet birthday from a super chat from mommy  happy birthday beautiful queen Franny J you are a kind soul. We all love you. Also I propose we challenge King Foofy to do 24 hours in hills”

Frances: “Oh.”

Frances: “I don’t think you can do that. I can’t even do that you guys”.

TJ: “24 hours that is hard to do”

Frances: “Yeah“

TJ: “That is only hard if you are walking around right?”

Frances: ”I really wish that men would have to do stuff like that but the one thing is like fee; what labor pains are i feel like every man should know what  that feels like.”

TJ: “Don’t they make like something.”

Frances: ”They make a machine. Maybe we should do a vlog on that.”

TJ: ”By the way Frances.”

Frances: ”Let’s do that.”

TJ: ”A blog on what labour pains?

Frances: ”Yeah putting the machine on you.”

TJ: ”I’ll try it. How do you get it?”

Frances: ”I’m gonna look into that.”

TJ: ”All right there you go.”

Frances: ”I’m gonna look into that.”

TJ: ”This my birth a new blog. But i have a question. We went tot he prado nacionis museum the pro. I’m butchering the name and it is  one of the greatest museums in the world. Am I butchering it that way? What is it called Frances? What is it called Frances? You were there with me Prado museum. I guess that is the englisch version.”

Frances: ”Prado.”

TJ: ”That’s Italian”

Frances: “No”

TJ: ”How you said it.”

Frances: “It’s not Prado.”

TJ: ”Anyways well this is a Prado Museo Nacional del Pro Prado. Anyways that was a wonderful amazing museium so if you are in Spain and you live near i it if you are in Spain you haven’t been. What are you waiting for. Some of the most wondeful art. We did a guide tour. We learned some cool interesting details about some of the most amazing art pieces to ever be painted and sculpted and it was just a really cool experience. I love that stuff.I  live for it. The amount of incredible talent that has preceded us in mankind is something I will always love and respect. It’s just a really cool thing. Franny what else have we been up to in Madrid ? ”

Frances: “Eating.”

TJ: ”We have been eating.”

Frances: “That’s always fun.”

TJ: ”My diet hasn’t been the best. I did stop drinking coke. Should I break it for tonight though?”

Frances: “It’s up to you”

TJ: ”What do you think?”

Frances: “Is it yout birthday or mine?”

TJ: ”What does that mean? It is our birthday.”

Frances: “We are one right, we are one”

TJ: ”Look how Rio looks over. Rio what are you doing?”

Frances: “No Rio, no snacks. Hey come here, get out of there. You are going to at dinner. You are not going to ruin your appetite ”

TJ: ”You want to say hi Rio?”

Rio: “Hi”

Frances: ”No more snacks you can go on there bubba.”

TJ: ”Okay so well first of all another thing is . We usually go live in 20 minutes from now.”

Frances: ”I know we went on early.”

TJ: ”We went on early becase we have a dinner reservation and it’s quite late. By the way you can’t tell it is 8 11 at the p.m. and it doesn’t get dark here for like another two hours. So it’s really cool. But Museu del  Prado. Thank you Ben. It was an amazing amazing museum and what is so beautiful about our trip. We are going to Paris, we are going to London and we are going to experience all these wonderful pieces if art. Have you gone to the Retiro? It’s apark. Okay. I think they. We went last time. I don’t think we are going tob e able to make it this time which is so unfortunate. I Royal to see it and Roy may not be back when we come back for my show in Madrid on July 3rd but my family we will definetely be going to it the next time. We shoukd maybe just walk by it but I don’t know.

We’ll see. There is a lot of stuff we didn’t really do because there is so much to we’ve only veen here three days right. It’s been an amazing experience and as I said I love this country. I love the people I love the vibe, I love the energy  Iove it just seems  very chill and I appreciate that. We still haven’t gotten to suburbs which is something we want to do see the outskirts we don’t want to judge a country strictly based on the main part of the city. I don’t think it’s fair to judge any city that way. Los Angeles you definitely cannot judge from just what you know Hollywood or downtown L.A. so there’s more for us to see and that’s why we’re going to keep coming back to Spain because we just love it so. What else do we have. We have La La Chan Network who says happy birthday Frances. I hope you will have many more birthdays.”

Frances: ”Thank you La La”

TJ: “Very soon.”

 Frances: ”Thank you so much.”

TJ: “And Michael Jackson Fan says happy birthday Franny. What is your favorite birthday gift you have gotten for your birthday before?”

Frances: ”I remember this. This was right before we got married. You got me these beautiful diamond stud earrings. It was my first like real piece of jewely that you got me besides my engagement  ring.”

 TJ: “Do you still have those?”

Frances: ”Yeah”

TJ:  “Where are they?”

Frances: ”I have them with me.”

TJ:  “I know Frances is telling me because I’m looking at things but we just got to notice someone’s near our property so I always just want to look but yeah you like those. You’re always wearing those.”

Frances: “Yeah I love those.”

TJ:  But not today? Not on your birth not on the most important day of the year for you”

Frances: ”Nope.”

TJ:  “Okay.”

Frances: “My favorite earrings my favorite earring type is hoops for sure.”

TJ:   “Why do you like hoops?”

Frances: “Golds hoops, I don’t know.”

TJ: “You born in the 70s and grew up in the 80s.”

Frances: “No i mean many people wear this.”

TJ:  “It’s an amazing thing.”

Frances: “No it’s definitely like. It’s a normal Latin girl thing to wear.

TJ:  “ Really is this like a LL cool J?

 Frances: “Around the way girls. Yeah it’s very urban”

Frances: “Yes.. Very urban.”

TJ:  “It’s also 80. I don’t think girls nowadays are still worn hoops”

Frances: “I’ve always worn hoops even when I was younger.”

TJ:  “Okay. Tony with the super chat. Thank you so much Tony. Tony says Hello Frances TJ how are you? Ingles on this special day I wish you enjoy happiness the menu that I propose to you will be composed of a grain of madness a seasoning of cheerfulness  a touch of emotioms and a dessert of love. ”

TJ: “Tony of reaching into his writing skills. Tony’s a musician creative soul thank you so much Tony for that. Very very nice of you and thanks fort he super chat. We have Frances Nina says happy birthday Franny.”

Frances: “Thank you Nina.”

TJ: “Grandma number 15 super member who says happy birthday to you Franny J. Enjoy your special day.

Frances: “Thank yo uso much. Absentia says Frances do you know anything about being a gemini? Are you into that”

Frances: “I really don’t. I think when I read the I don’t even I think it’s a horoscope. The gemini horoscope. I don’t know. I’ve never been into that. Because I feel like I’m not sure  but I think  Gemini’s got a bad name  and I was like nope that is not me”

TJ: “Why do they get a bad name.”

Frances: “I don’t know  it’s like they have i have read that it’s like they have like two faces or two personalities.”

TJ: “Really”

Frances: “Now. Maybe I do because I do have. I’m very loving and caring but then if someone like messes with my family or something like that.”

TJ: “Or she hasn’t eaten in a while.”

Frances: “I’m a different person.”

TJ: “Or if it is hot or she hasn’t eaten in a while.”

Frances: “So maybe it is true. You know when it’s hot or when I’m hungry back off.”

TJ: “The sleep you are okay.”

Frances: “Yeah sleep is not that big of a deal.”

TJ: “Okay so yeah hunger and heat.”

Frances: “Hunger and heat.”

TJ: “Where do you go. Jo jo is creeping behind there you go. Jo Jo they can see you baby”

Frances: “No snacks Jo Jo. No snacks. We are going to dinner and I don’t want them to ruin their appetite”

TJ: “We just have kids everywhere. Is this better. Come Dee Dee baby.”

Frances: “You are going tob e to hot baby. You are going to be to hot.”

TJ: “I’m sure Dee dee is struggling finding things somewhere.”

Frances: “What about the white jumper my love?”

Dee Dee: “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Frances: “Dee Dee the white the all-white jumper honey.”

Dee Dee: “What jumper?”

TJ: “You want to go?”

Frances: “Okay is romper does that is that better. Jo can you help her honey ”

Jo Jo: “Sure.”

Frances: “The white romper.”

Jo Jo: “The dress?”

Frances: “No it’s shorts it’s like a tank and shorts connected. It’s a romper a jumper.”

Dee Dee: “oh Okay.”

TJ: “All right we are getting somewhere. All right. So mama J on Franny J on herbirthday is in full mama mode .”

Frances: “Oh boy and i’m gonna need a vacation from my vacation .””

TJ: “Its okay that’s how I feel Franny. It’s all okay. Okay so you answered the gemini question.  Felipa Frances. A wonderful super member with an amazing sweet generous super chat says happy birthday  Frances. Have some wine on me. Love you guys.”

Frances: “Thank you.”

TJ: “Felipa first of all we love you too and i’m gonna add that Frances we had lunch today and Frances did not have wine. She purposely. It was a late lunch so it was only like four or five hours ago but she purposely  wanted to wait to have wine for this evening fort he restaurant.”

Frances: “That is true.”

TJ: “What is the game plan of why you wanted to do that?”

Frances: “I don’t know because I allow myself a glass a day. So i don’t like to like overdo that . i dont like to over. Yeah. So my  glass will be tonight.”

TJ: “All right. So Franny j.”

Frances: “Thank you Filipa. That is so sweet”

TJ: “Thank yo uso much. Franny J will have some wine on you so thank you.”

Frances: “Very generous. Thank yo uso much”

TJ: “Keezie says happy birthay Franny with super chat and also super member. Thank you Keezie. Keezie says i hope you have an amazing day. You deserve it”

Frances: “Thank you Keezie.”