Frances:” That was so cool. It was so  such a pleasure to meet you”

TJ:”Balmy it was amazing to meet you and I’m so happy it was captured. Thank you Yanuko for that. I’m happy it was captured and some smiles warmed our hearts. We’ll always  have so it was very cool.

I’ll have to do it like this we weren’t live on.”

Frances:”try it.”

TJ: ”Facebook. It looks like. So it gonna be just on Youtube okay. All good. Claire says who is the supermember? Claire says hi TJ and Frances. Frances don’t forget to check out Giordano. Why now you are in Italy. It’s so good.”

Frances: ”Got you.”

Frances: ”Giordano.”

TJ: ”What kind of wine is that?”

Frances: “ I don’t know i haven’t heard about it.”

TJ: ”Maybe you should be checking out while we order.”

Frances: “No problem.”

 TJ: ”Rosanna says I will clap. Cherish the moment I met you in Paris. So happy you guys are in Italy. Please i’m so curious if you like my little gifts especially Rio. Love you always. We’ve received so many gifts many of them we went through but some we haven’t we keep them aside. It’s like  everything. Especially with the kids that you know when our kids get gifts we don’t want yo over give it tot hem because they don’t then they don’t value each and every gift. So we do try to slowly give them gifts and read the cards and stuff but I can promise you they get every little things you guys give them and they are very appreciative of it which is really cool. You know Dee Dee’s with their bracelets and things and Rio with his toys and Eiffel tower and the snow globe and stuff that.

Frances: “Yeah that was cool someone handed him a snow globe as we were entering the venues pretty cut. He was like whoa. He is cherishing that so.”

TJ: ”We’ve gotten many gifts and we can’t thank you all enough. It’s very very sweet. We have Lena Frances.”

Frances: “Lena.”

TJ: ”This is only a few more days until i get to see you two. Alina that is London right? Yeah we are only like three days away from the London show. I’m looking forward to that one  as well. We got Napels first Friday  and then London. And them the last two shows of the 19 members are going to be following ”week in Brussels and Amsterdam so. It’s coming it’s. i don’t say it’s coming to an end but we are past the halfway mark which is pretty cool and special. It has been amazing. It’s the Bond say show are you doing?”

Frances: “I’m doing great. After this whole fiasco that we had once we landed in Napels we are good now ”

TJ: ”Let’s tell everyone about the fiasco. So we landed in Naples and you know we usually order our transportation when we arrive. It’s the simplest way. Well unfortunately not only was the Taxi services on strike but so was uber so we didn’t have any means and ways to transport to our hotel so we got lucky with some of the organizers or the helpers from the show coming up on Friday were able to come and get us.”

Frances: “And then Andrea.”

TJ: ”Go ahead you want to talk about Andrea.”

Frances: “So we were we happened to just arrive in the airport and then he was like TJ Jackson you think it’s okay if I take a picture and we were like yeah sure so you had to finish what you were doing and then he Literally once his shift ended he helpe dus to get to our hotel.”

TJ: ”Yeah he was cool.”

Frances: “Yeah he was such a big help.”

TJ: ”Thank you.”

Frances: “Gracias.”

TJ: ”Thank you both because we probably would have still been either there or walking.”

Frances: “There is literally no transportation.”

TJ: ”The strike I guess. I guess I didn’t know Uber and Taxes would strike in Unison I thought they were on opposite ends but they are all striking so it was just madness at the airport because everyone was trying to get to their destinations. Suzanne says hi TJ and Frances . How is Italy? Never been there. It was nice seeing you two and the family in Paris. See you in Amsterdam.”

Frances: “Oh nice.”

TJ: ”I love Italy I do I love Italy. I love everything. I love their food. I think that is one of your favourite things about Italy’s the food.”

Frances: “For sure the wine and the food is delicious.”

TJ: ”We are going to get at Bruce get that i think, i think this place has bruce. Get this so. So we get you “

Frances: ”They sure do Im looking at it right now.”

TJ: ”But also look the people are very sweet and I don’t know.”

Frances: ”They are helpful.”

TJ: ”I get the same kind of vibe with the Spanish people . They have a good heart.”

Frances: ”Beautiful culture.”

TJ: ”Live with passin that’s what i do. Dylan says can’t wait to see you in london. I’m looking forward to that too. Eddy says Frances overall How did you spend your birthday? What did we do Franny?”

Frances: ”We went to dinner in Madrid remember.”

TJ: ”That’s right. That’s right.”

Frances: ”Yeah with Laura  and Nan.”

TJ: ”That’s right.”

Frances: ”yeah it was a beautiful birthday. Very sweet”

TJ: ”I still don’t  come in Clemence says I love you both. Well we love you.”

Frances: ”We love you too.”

TJ: ”Thank you so much

Frances: ”It was so good to meet you. “

TJ: ”Electro Cyberpunk says travel around the world TJ. Would you do a travel channel??”’

Frances: ”Hello.”

Waiter: “Are you ready for order”

TJ: ”Yes.”

Frances: ”Do you have Pino Gracio? The white one ”

Waiter:  “ We have Chardonnay??”

TJ: ”Why don’t you try the one.”

Frances: ”White one cold.”

Waiter:  “Discount Grego Viano, Falenina.”

Frances: ”Yes.”

Frances: ”Yes please.”

Frances: ”I’m down for suggestions you guys.””

Waiter:  “Your order.”

Frances: “ We will start with Bruschetta with tomato.”

TJ: ”And for me just water. This water is okay”

Waiter:  “Yes”

TJ: ”Yes please.”

Waiter:  “For you only glass?”

Frances: ”Yes. Only a glass”

Waiter:  “Okay. Food only bruschetta?”

TJ: ”For now.”

Waiter:  “Okay.”

TJ: ”Thank you.”

Frances: ” Thank you”

TJ:  ”So that was some appetizers bruschetta that’s i think my first time having that was the last time i was In Italy.”

Frances: ”In Capri?

TJ:  ”In Capri.”

Frances: ”And you were like Frances this delicious. Which. Tj doesn’t try many new things  and has tomatoes and like some vegetables on it but you loved it”

TJ:  ”I did.”

Frances: “So good.”

TJ:  “I did. Electro Cyberpunk says travel around the world and do a travel channel. This is kind of this is our travel channel. “

Frances: “Yeah.”

TJ:  “We have done blogs in many different cities and we got many more to come. You know this whole European trip we have been vlogging on and and off so this is all going to be awesome.”

Frances: “It’s been fun.”

TJ:  “Also going to be on there so.”

Frances: “Yeah.”

TJ:  “It’s been a good time.”

TJ:  “Marlene says i’m so happy my daughter will come to attent your show in Brussels That’s the perfect first concert in her life. That is so sweet Marley. You know what there has been a lot people. Young ladies actually and you know some young men too.”

Frances: “Their first concert.”

TJ:  “Their first concert was my show and it’s a really cool experience and it’s cool to know that I don’t know. Concerts are cool. So for the very first concert to know that it’s gonna be me and with the knights membership.”

Frances: “Cheers guys.”

Frances: “I don’t have to take a sip because when you say cheers you take a sip.”

TJ:  “ But I’m not. I can’t share this with you right.  Because i don’t have a dream.”

Frances : “Oh that is good.”

TJ:  “Which one was that? You don’t even know?”

Frances : “He said that they did you understand him. He said that they have some pf the best grapes. And this wine comes from the best grapes. It’s pretty good”

TJ:  “What is that one called?”

Frances : “I don’t know.”

TJ : “Well.”

Frances : “He was speaking very fast. Okay. I’ll have to rewind the live okay.”

TJ : “Audrey says thank you for an amazing show on Leon Italy. It is really a Night To Remember.  Yes I hope you enjoyed the sweet specialties from my home town.”

TJ : “Audrey I did the chocolate was very good from I guess as a Leon chocolate company whatever it was it was very good. So thank yo uso much for that. And the next time I’m in Leon I’m gonna make sure I get tot here to get more because it was really good. Christnell now Frances with the super chat. Christnell now says hello lovely ones I’ve been enjoying watching all the videos and seeing pictures of your show so far my heart is rejoicing with something that’s different performing on your own than with your brothers?”.

Frances : “That is a good question. I think the first show was a bit  emotional for you”

TJ : “Very emotional.”

Frances : “Without your bros”

TJ : “Very emotional. I think the biggest difference without my brothers is just that”

Frances : “The security blanket. My finger. Or looking to the right or the left it ”

TJ : “It just feels like it’s more our show. It’s weird it’s like I’m  part of a team where.”

Frances : “Yeah”

TJ : “With these shows I feel like i have to be the driver and almost everything. So it’s a little bit more focus intensive I think. But I have enjoyed. I’ve been enjoying it. I really have and I really like doing both obviously. I love performing with my brothers. It’s a beautiful thing and but i also like performing on my own so it’s been really cool. Farat because I just want to say thank yo uso much for everything. It’s been really great to see you all. Congratulations for everything too. Thank you so much. Miss phoenix just order some spaghetti. Alice Black for me.

I don’t think I’m not hungry. I think i’m just gonna do bruschetta.”

Frances : “Yeah I’m not really hungry”

TJ : “Margarita sounds pretty good though.”

Frances : “I know but let’s save it for tomorrow. Fried potato chips that sounds good with some queso fondue”

TJ : “The pineapple by itself that’s what i want.”

Frances : “Really?”

TJ : “Yeah.”

Frances : “Then you should get that.”