Why am I so excited to be here because I love when my kids got to learn about our history. Our real history. Imagine it. Based on the color of your skin or what you look like you couldn’t go to a school. That’s the world we lived in not to long ago just a couple of generations ago. Sad but true, and they need to know.

 But here we are at Central high School . i think what those nine students did was not only brave courageous  obviously life-changing but to me they are the American heroes that I look up to. I salute the Little rock Nine Earnest Green, Elizabeth Eckford,  Jefferson Thomas, Terence Roberts, Carleto Walls Lanier, Mini Jean Brown, Gloria Ray Karl Mark, Thelma  Mothershed and Melba Patilo Beals thank you so much to be so young so brave and so strong is something we all admire and thank you those black and white who supported them. Now off to Memphis.

We are here in Memphis at probably I think at least the most important site at least museum in the US. Historic. This is where Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated and this museum does the best job of any museum i’ve ever been there to  honor him and to if you just feel it when you are here. You know how important of a sight this is Rio?

This is where Dr Martin Luther King was shot and killed”.

Rio:”Where did they put him after he died?”

TJ:”They buried him right somewhere else but this is where they shot him. Yes and we are going to pay our respects.”

TJ: “The National civil rights museum in Memphis Tennessee is one of my favorite museums anywhere in the world. The exhibits there are so impressive so powerfull I truly think everyone should see it at least once in their life. I’m not so sure there is a better placet o get a true history of the civil rights movement in the United States from the 17th century to the present day. The Museum is built around the former Lorraine Motel which was the site of the assassination of Martin luther King jt in 1968. I visited here fort he first time about 12 years ago and i always told myself any kids i had they would be coming by to pay their respects and to learn about their history and talking about our history again .  I want to show some love to everyone. Black or white. Who supported an equal society for all. What do you guys think?.

Jo Jo “ That’s pretty cool “

TJ: “That is really cool right.”

Jo Jo “Yes. I thought they made it really well. Like they decorated it nicely”

Jo Jo “so they shot him from this room?”

TJ: “They shot him from over  there.”

Frances: “He shot him accross the street. That’s what killed Martin Luther King”

Frances:”I feel like you’re doing your kids a disservice if you don’t bring them to these types of museums so they can actually learn the true history behind it.”

TJ: “Why are you laughing at me?”

Dee Dee: “ Because you haven’t looked like your day . Because you are not looking at the game.”

TJ: “This was a good experience for the kids. Now there is so much that we can continiously learn and I know it’s not the trendy thing to do learn about history but it’s important especially about those who’s been oppressed and those who have had a hard road. They  will increase the sympathy and empathy and as a society you can only be as great as you can be when all members feel loved and feel equal and feel capable and obviously a lot better a lot futher along than in the 60s when Dr King lost his life. He’s assassinated but we still have some ways to go and you know it’s going to be our youth our younger generations that get us there and my opinion is we need to get as many youngsters here to places like these. To the civil rights museum in Memphis Tennessee. Fantastic job. Rio: “I found a pyramid. Remember that pyramid that I said about in Tennessee ” `

TJ: “You did?”

Rio: “I don’t remember that?”

TJ: “Okay”

Rio: “That is the pyramid!”

TJ: “You guys take off your masks. You want to show us your room?

This is not your room. And Rio the pool ”

TJ: ”So here we are walking the streets of Memphis. I look like a mess. That’s okay. You guys want do a trolley?”

Jo Jo “Yeah please.”

TJ: ”All tight we are walking the streets of Memphis we are all here present doing our thing. So we are walking right now to a cookie place that is called Insomnia cookies. We have to try it out .

I hope we can get to it here.”

Dee Dee: “That one”

Frances: “Chocolate  cookie sandwich with vanilla. It’s a midnight snack because we have Insomnia can’t sleep so we are coming to get.

You know what it is called? Insomnia cookies. And then we have one more right.”

“Yes you can have one more.”

“I’ll het a happy we got it right now.”

Dee Dee: “Okay we are famous and we could promote this because it’s Insomnia Cookies and if you and if we go to Insomnia Cookies and people where like oh my gosh insomnia cookies. So they are going to go to them.”

 TJ: ”So maybe I should tell them to play i’ll give them a song for marketing.”

TJ: ”Yeah.”

TJ: “How’s that ice cream”

Jo Jo “delicious.”

TJ: ”Is it good?””

Jo Jo “delicious.”

TJ: “Who’s idea was it to come here?”

Dee Dee: “Yours”