It’s strange because before I started this channel i kind of had in my mind what kind of camera’s i would keep and what kind of camera’s i was getting rid of. This one is turning out to be one of my favorites and I was going to get rid of it.  It’s windy out here, that’s allright. Hair is not really handeling it to well but. Allright let’s put that back down a little bit. It’s hard to put a camera up like that when you are vlogging for a long time. It’s hard. A lot harder than I thought. The camera is going to be jumping back and forth. Just letting you know my arms are getting tired but i got the weighted vest on (20 pounds). It looks weird but you know gotto get the workout in. Gotta slim down a little bit well it’s gotta slim down a lot. What are we going talk about talking about getting out of the funk.

Did you see that, notice anything different? Things change?  A lot easier, pocket two. DJI I pocket two. Wide angle lens is applied a lot lighter, a lot easier. Hair still jacked up but we are moving. Getting a nice workout. The wind is blowing, the sun came out.

You know it’s nice out here. DJI pocket 2 ZV1 been between those two what I have been using. I haven’t pulled the big guy out there yet though, the main camera. I’m going to pull out the main camera soon. It’s windy which means the mic is probable terrible right now. Not to bad, the hair is bad, i’ll tell you that.

I haven’t used. I haven’t really been using my main camera other than the indoor stuff where i’m doing my talking head video.  But I want to use it. i want to start using that a lot more but after holding that Zv1 it’s going to be tough to vlog with because that is even heavier than this one.  But we’ll figure it out. We will make it work.

I’m going to the Virgin hotel right here, i guess i’ll sign out for hair probable is  still messy. I’ll fix it somehow. I don’t know who cares. Those guys know how to deal with it, they got their hoodies over their head. See i didn’t know that. I don’t know the tricks yet but thats oke, thats what you gotta do alright. I can play that tric.

I know it’s not that bad. There is some gems in here believe it or not there is some gems in here. But let me explain  let’s go back. It started off oke. I think it started of decent what i wanted to do originally was I wanted to compare the Zv1 and the Pocket 2. Even though I talked about them in the past I didn’t really do a fair comparision because when i had this ZV1 i didn’t have the Ulanzi lens on it and I was not in the automatic mode so the colors were off so I wanted to do where I had the Ulanzi lens on it and the automatic mode and compare with the Dji pocket two with the ultra wide lens and the colors with that.

And compare the two. So we started doing that. And my goal was to walk, get something to eat halfway through i was going to switch. And we’d go back and we first of all we would see if we notice the switch and then second of all we talk about it. The problem was somehow oke so i forget to record again so i forget to hit record and I can not say that i did not push record it just half of my content was missing. It was gone, i don’t know what happened because i was recording and then.

it was like you know that part let’s talk about getting out of the funk I started talking about my week and the support and the comments and how everybody kind of going through this thing and it was all gone. When i came back I noticed that a big chunk of the video was gone. So i tried to make lemonade out of lemon.

After a while i started thinking about how windy it was getting. The audio wasn’t going to be good because it was so windy. I knew that kind of was a lost cause and I just kept going and kept rolling with it . I will say. This is where it was good for me. For the first time I edited on a bigger screen. I think this is like I mean  I want to say a 32 inch screen monitor. This is the first time that I really edited on a big monitor and it makes a big difference because you have more real estate you just have more space to work with and  I’m also going to give myself a little bit of props on the ground  on the graphics.

It’s not incredible but I’m learning my way. You guys got t oremember I’m new to all this so i’m learning final cut, i’m learning how to edit the jump cuts, the transitions  some of the stuff is like that’s not so bad overall it is what it s. That’s the beauty of this right. We just do what we do we learn we grow, we figure things out. You get to see somebody that is a noob try to turn into something better. I’m saying growth and that is important you guys .

Yes there was a point Pocket two was on the ropes for the last serveral  videos I have been using the ZV1 so to be honest i started tot hink do I really need the pocket two. Looking back at the footage. I mean that’s my favorite. The pocket two gotta be in there. When I go from the ZV1 to the Pocket two it’s like I mean the hair is blowing it’s like i’m walking on clouds out there the stabilization’s smooth in the background you can see the clouds  it looks nice. Pocket two’s gotta  stay and it is light .

I didn’t realize how heavy it is when you hold your arm out like that and you hold and  thats just the ZV1.  With a heavier camera you can’t do that. Pocket two’s got got to stay in there just for that alone  maybe you got to keep them both. Leave me a comment down below if you think keeping the Pocket 2 and the ZV  1 is what i should do. Or do you think i can get rid of one because that’s what i wanted to do originally if i was only keep one of this camera’s the ZV1 one or the Pocket 2 which one would i get rid off. That’s what the video is supposed to be  about and you know things happen".