Jo Jo:  “There I’ll take them on that coat of it.”

  TJ: ”That’s too much water. He is gonna pee all over our floors”.

Jo Jo:   “Not gonna drink all of it”

  TJ: ”He is gonna pee in your room”

Dee Dee: “Stop”

  TJ: ”Nana is gonna step on it in the middle of the night. Come on Jo. Right there”

Jo Jo: “Come here. Sit Oh. good job”

Dee Dee: “Restrained.”

TJ: “Sit”

Dee Dee: “Look if i walked over it ‘ll like to stand up. See. It’s she he. Come here

TJ: “ What is wrong with that?”

Dee Dee: “There is not enough water in.”

TJ: “ Yeah oh. I just didn’t want to give it to much so it doesn’t pee in your room.”

TJ: “No it’s you. He started moving with you.

Dee Dee: “I need to get up the water.”

TJ: “Leave the water there, he’ll get to it.”

Dee Dee: “Okay, here?”

TJ: “Yeah”

TJ: “He is about to go outside.”

Dee Dee: “No”

TJ: “Now he’s the camera on him. He finally went outside. Yeah it see it says person seen backyard.”

Tj:”What are you looking for?”

Jo Jo: “Treats. I found my old easy bake oven but that’s completely off topic so.”

TJ: “Dee Dee not to much water.”

Dee Dee: “Stop you’re gonna dehydrate her. You have like a little one.”

TJ: “In the morning he can have more.”

Dee Dee: “Oh.”

Jo Jo: “I can do that easy.”

TJ: “All the way down that is not all. There.”

TJ: “He went upstairs.”

Dee Dee: “The dog is a manly drinker.”

TJ: “Why are you breathing like that .”

Dee Dee: “Because he just played fetch.”

TJ: “I know but that is like excessively fast. Okay. You guys have him under control.”

“I can’t believe this. We have a stray dog in our house and the girls are taking care of it. I’m going to bed. It’s almost one in the morning so it’s bed time. But i’m gonna let them stay up and be nurturing tot his dog”.

Jo Jo: “I don’t know if he pooped or peed.”

Dee Dee: “We just asked Google if Turkey is good and she said it’s fine and rip it up once so. Look at it. Is it oh oh. Yeah. He did the dog thing.”

Jo Jo: “It doesn’t chew that. It has exploded Turkey juices . This dog is drooling with water. Okay mama is going to kill us. And she is gonna blame us not you.”

Jo Jo: “So here is a bit of an update. DeeDee is still playing with the dog. We still haven’t figured out the gender or the name. So we are planning on looking for the owner tommorow just because it’s really late right now. And me and Dee Dee have decided that it’s gonna stay in her room just because Rio’s in my room right now and i’m gonna sleep in there with her. And we are gonna create a nice little bed for it . hopefully with towels because i fit pees or poops we don’t want to ruin the carpet and get in trouble. Comment down below what you guys would name a dog like this. Me and dee Dee are thinking Julie because it draws a lot.”

 Dee Dee: “And it’s not scared i’m approaching the ball. Oh god”

Jo Jo: “It’s officially drinking water, it’s playing. It is a normal dog.”

TJ: “It’s the next morning and I just told Frances about this dog. And Dee Dee already has a name for it. Rip and dip. That what it says on the collar.”

Frances: “Oh that’s pee. Don’t step in it and i told my husband that this was gonna happen. This is all pee . So you are in charge of getting old towels.”

Hi how are you Ripping and dipping. You clean the house? Somebody is missing you i’m sure.”

TJ: “I’m sure he was terrified last night.”

Frances: “Really oooh. No number on his collar?”

TJ: “No it just says ripping down.”

Frances: “Why couldn’t you sleep?

Dee Dee: “It took why The whole night.”

Frances: “It’s time for you to go see if they put signs out yet. Baby

“I’m not gonna wait for an accident to happen because I already know how you are gonna clean that up over there. The wifey told him this was gonna happen. I sure did. And he was like no. And it’s all over there too. So                now you are gonna have to get clorox wipes and wipe all that up.”

TJ: “You got this Frances?”

Frances: “What?”

TJ: “Do this and I take care of the dog.”

Frances: “No”

TJ: “Yeah.”

Frances: “No, I’m not doing  that. This was your whole idea. You are cleaning that up”

TJ: “Baby you already did the hardest part.”

Frances: “I just want you to know that I told him last night that this was going to happen. I said he is going to use the restroom in the house. No he is fine…. I wanted to wake up at 6 30 to come check on the dog to let him out. And what time is it.”

TJ: “And what time is it?”

Frances: “It’s like 7 30 and TJ is like don’t go get back in bed so

TJ: “It was cozy.”

Frances: “I think i could have prevented that had because dogs like to get up early and use the restroom early.”

TJ: “Because I know.”

TJ: “Ecosoft blanket. You are using it Rip and dip the girls gave you the brand new fluffy soft blanket. You are spoiled Rip and Dip. You are Spoiled. Rip and Dip still hanging out”.|

Frances: “Still scared of a ball too.”

TJ: “Ripping the tour football. Better this baseball than anything else right.”

Frances: “I was doing the cleaning you . You do this. You know why i’m doing it. you tell me why i’m doing it.”

TJ: “Because i’m not gonna do a good enough job.”

Frances: “Exactly.”

TJ: “I knew exactly what she was going to say.”

Frances: “You did not even try honey. You know what you are about to get hurt”.

TJ: “Hey babe here is some closet.”

Frances: “TJ what is this gonna do? Baby hold on. Oh. Go that way. Along the wall baby.

You know  but he’s gotta go back to his owner. Let’s get him outside honey now that he is up. Huh”

Rio: “We can get some dog food.”

Frances: “You are my skinny husband.”

TJ: “I’m losing weight.”

Frances: “So proud of you honey.”

TJ: “I’m losing weight. Halfway on my diet  month long of eating only things that Frances approved . frances is really trying to find his owner now. So she went outside . I guess we are gonna walk around the neighbourhood and see if we see an owner”

Frances: “Do we know?”

TJ: “No. Came from that side” .

Frances: “We had a leash but i think it was kodus”

“Honey what do you think? Should you take him out?”

TJ: “He is trying to go out”

Frances: “Yeah he is trying to find his home honey. I would follow him to see where pinot’s roots at.”

Rio:”Dogs have 10 times better smell than humans so we should probable take a dog treat.We have those. We have like 10 another session. And you roll the window down and i stick it out. We can go around the block then if he smells it. So did he go that way??

TJ: “I don’t know.”

Rio:”Stop the car.”

TJ: “So Rip and Dip won’t let us approach him.  So when we get close he starts to run so. When was getting close back to the house I called Frances and told her tob e by the door. And we couldn’t. We don’t see him. So we are hoping he went back in the house”.

Frances: “Come here. Hi buddy. Some on let’s go. Hey come on come inside. Come on. Come one we are going to get you some food.”

TJ: “You found him?”

Frances: “He is in the backyard”

TJ: “You got it“

Frances: “I whistled for him and he came right in the house.”

TJ: “No way”

Frances: “Yeah”

TJ: “Rip &Dip you are back come on.”

Frances: “I would get some food though Babe, You and Rio want to get some food?”

TJ: ”Me and Rio would do the food and at least JoJo needs to do. JoJo and  Dee Dee.

Frances: “They said last night they probable where up all night. They said that he whined all night long.”

TJ: ”Sit.”

Frances: ”Good girl. Give me paws. Shake Shake.”

TJ:”We are on our way to Target to get some snacks . A leash and some treats.”

Frances: ”Ready, here is the ball. “

TJ:”We are here at Target getting a leash, food and snacks for rip and Dip. I have no idea where i’m going. We have been walking around here for about five minutes trying to find a dog section . I truly believe a man’s best friend is a dog. Rest in peace Yabbo. This isn’t our dog we are shopping for but he is under our care and until  we can find the owner we are going to take good care of him. So food, a leash to walk him around the neighborhood in case  the owners are looking for their dog and of course snacks.  That’s what on the list. We went into Target for dog food, snacks, leash. Took us forever. Kindfull Chicken and brown rice recipe. ”

Frances: ”She is hungry it’s a girl.”

TJ:”You don’t like the food? What is wrong. He is eating now.”

Frances: ”Oh Okay.”

TJ:”One thing I’ve learned that Rip Dip loves these treats I just got . these guys. These milk bone treats.”


“I’ve done everything i supposed to do this morning  as a good father figure something like that fort his dog. God it food. Fed the food and now he is relaxing at home. Son ow it’s time for me to get back on my diet. I will say this for anyone who hasn’t. right here is a membership link. Where you can click and become a member and see our membership videos where I have all these workout videos with my wife frannie J and there is also some extra cool content if you become a knight. That is a whole nother. I feel this is like a true commercial. I need to stop talking about that so. So there has been a sad development. Rip & Dipped has officially dipped. There was a gate open in the back and Rip and Dip fort he second time took off”.

Jo Jo: “Dad you got a leash and food and everything.”   

TJ:”I did I didn’t know I did everything i could but you know. It has been several hours since Rip and Dip left so now we are just going on a stroll to hopefully find him.”

Jo Jo: “We know that rip and Dip is not the name because whenever we call it out to it she doesn’t like look she doesn’t respond.”

TJ:”So because we don’t know the name there is no response for the dog so we could yell whatever we want and nothing is gonna happen. Jo what do you think. You think he is back with his family?”

Jo Jo:”hopefully, I hope, i even think that she is with a family or like a neighbour took her in.”

TJ: “If we don’t hear anything I’ll be on camera duty  in case Rip and Dip comes home but we can’t walk forever. We’ve like said. We’ve driven. We’re now walking so.”

Jo Jo:”I really hope that she wasn’t able like go through the gate.”

TJ: “I have some exciting news to share with everyone. I was on a neighborhood watch group  and i’m glad to report that Rip and Dip, Rip and Dip is home safely with his family. First she said, no freaking clue how but she got out again sometime between 10.45 and 1 am  if anyone sees her please dm myself we’re on blank and blank on the corner thanks.  About five hours after that oh no someone says she’s right her on the corner. I have my dog and can’t quite get her by myself. Girl we looked all night for her. Thank yo uso much again as we had no idea. So someone else got the credit. Thanks so much again as we have no idea how she got out last night as i’m on bed rest from a torn meniscus and my boys were playing xbox with eachother. We had him for one second.

Rip and Dip wasn’t   Jackson but now Rip and Dip is home and that’s it. Are you guys happy?”

Jo Jo: “Yeah but I wish he didn’t like run away. Thank you for watching don’t forget to leave a like subscribe hit the bell again  to get notified everytime we post a new video and as you know peace out