I  want it to be a good video. I don’t think i have the time and I don’t think that the computer is helping me out. I lost a day too. That’s another thing. Leaving from LA coming here to France I lost a day. Now you could say I could have edited on the plane which yeah I could have done but that didn’t happen. Been working on the show making sure everything is right. Cause that is important. I have to make sure that is good. Sounds like an excuse.

But the reason there is no video is that I don’t want to rush it. I don’t want to just throw it together. Look back at it and say I could have did this better. I could have did that better and it’s not saying that the next week or the week after when this video finally comes out that is going to be this great masterpiece. I feel like I need to give it a little bit of something extra. I want to do it justice. So i’m holding off on the crazy week that i just had and the video for that just didn’t have the proper tools, the proper time to make it all happen. So it sounds like an excuse but i think it’s a good reason".