These aren’t real problems. All these cameras so that’s why i’m cutting it down to two. I’m using the Pocket two and this Fx3. That’s it two cameras is plenty. I’m just trying to simplify everything. Trying to figure things out. I’ve been very tired this week. I’m just worn out. Two weeks I’ll be back in Tenessee and that will feel really good because then I know all of this will be over. Moving. In Nashville the show and now moving from LA  and  getting the rest of the stuff to Nashville.

Those were the three things. So i’ve done two I’ve got one lef tand i’m just a little tired right now. Gotta just recharge the batteries and attack next week. I want to get back to making videos and making music. I’m excited fort hat. I want to make some music. I haven’t done that but my gear is here. Lot of it, most of it.  So bringing that to Tenessee  I’ll be back up and running that is gonna be good because it’s been a long while. So music is coming. Leave  a comment down below. Let me know if you have issues with holding on to things. Collecting and throwing things out is it difficult for you to throw things out. Do you have any tips and tricks how to get rid of stuff? I want to call myself a hoarder. I’ve gotten  better but i haven’t gotten where I need to be. So if you have any tips let me know part of me just want to start fresh and start over and throw it all out. Moving is not fun I haven’t really done it in 20 years I’m doing it now. It’s hard it’s tiring and draining so that is what i have been dealing with.”