Royal: “Doesn't need to I talk a lot. I was rocking lego I had to focus. It's just like such a fast paced game. I don't really have time to speak.”

TJ: We have a comment. Oh my goodness my eyesight. Elena says Oh JoJo's hair looks so nice.”

JoJo: “Thank you”

TJ: “I could do this, Tony are you good with all the comments because then I can make the screen big. You are good with it?”

JoJo: “I can't believe you read that.”

TJ: “It's Tiny right”.

JoJo: “Okay.”

TJ: “How do i make this big again. How do i not remember this. It's the pressure on me. Oh my goodness how do i make it.”

Frances: “Click it.”

Royal: “Why don't you full screen the window there.”

TJ: “There we go Dee Dee hit it right down with those screen.

This looks different. It looks clean. Okay .”

“Simone says Franny J looking stunning as alsways.”

Frances: “Thank you Simone.”

TJ: “All right so this is actually better. Louis want to know where Rio is. Look you and Franny can see it now the screen is big. Rio is upstairs drawing what?”

JoJo: “I don't know. I don't know if i cam say. I don't know if the vlog's out yet”

TJ: “Oh Okay, there you go. Rio is upstairs playing and coloring and doing fun stuff. Ro what shirt is it. Since you are the man of the hour. What shirt is this?”

Royal: “It's a Naruto shirt.”

TJ: “Naruto okay. Dee Dee did mention that. Because before we talked we are saying who is going to win. Is it going to be me and JoJo or is it going to be Dee Dee and mama and I like well Dee Dee is probable the star player because she probable knows the most about Rio or Roy. ”

Frances: “You're the tech guy.”

DeeDee: “ And then they said the only anime he likes is like Naruto.”

TJ: “ Yeah I said because of the anime aspect they have an advantage because Dee Dee is an anime bible over there uh dictionary and”.

Royal: “I don't really watch anime like that it's kind of mid.”

TJ: “Okay you your anime is losing out a bit.”

Dee Dee: “Well I mean it's not like losing but they are like now.”

TJ: “Oh we are going to real live stuff what are we going to do?”

Dee Dee: “No one ever said that. It's not that bad ”

TJ: “All right Brandi says with a super chat. Hello my favorite family how are you doing today. Just want to say yes TJ it's a festival they have it every year. I'm trying to see who is going to be at the July 4th celebration we are going to have a blast. Brandi is talking about answering. She is finalizing an answer that she asked me on my personal chat. Yes i have a personal channel. We put the link right now on the giving three in case you don't know about it. For my youtube channel where i primarly do all my personal music stuff so that's what that was in case you didn't know. But okay, oh Tori is a new member. Welcome so Tori is a member of do we have a name for the members yet? Should they be

Frances “The family Rulers”

TJ: “Everyone who watches is a ruler right.”

Frances “Yeah.”

TJ: “Allright well we need a membership. But anyways in case yo don;t know what a membership is. There is a join button below where you could join and become a member of himjust biting his nails.”

Frances “Yes”

TJ: “He is biting his nails mama. He is hungry.”

Royal: “Your clothes are dry.”

Dee Dee: “You just saying.”

TJ: “He is hungry as a mom that is hard to watch.”

Frances “Yeah.”

Dee Dee: “He is hungry.”

Frances “That is what I asked him. I said are you hungry?”

TJ: “Anyways what it. Oh there is three levels of the membership. You could become a Bruh which is the name Dee Dee says it says a lot in the vlogs. We decided to name the entry level Bruh where you get access to our healthy habits which was 56 videos we did”.

Frances “I don't know how many.”

TJ: “Anyways you get that you get emojis you get membership and there is one more thing you get that's cool.”

Frances “That is not badges?”

TJ: “Yeah badges. There you go friends coming through badges. Yo get the badges which change as long as you are a member the badges continue to evolve so it's pretty cool and then there is a Queens level which gets everything the Bruhs get but they also get access to weekly live streams sure there is a couple of weeks we don't do because i'm either traveling or in studio but for the most part we try to do a live chat mostly me and Franny once a week and then there is Knights where you get access to all of what i just mentioned but you also get access to extra content videos.”